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Parents...we have two spelling groups.  The new words are listed and the font is in different colors.  Your child's spelling list (enclosed with the homework) is printed on the corresponding color.  If your child has a red word list, then they are in Group B.  If your child has a yellow word list, then they are in Group A.  I hope this will clear up any confusion that may have previously occured with spelling words.


Book Report:

I have sent home a letter and book report form.  Please help your child with reading at home.  The due date for the book report is Oct. 21, 2019

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 Remember your child will receive (20) Class Dojo points for every order.

Due Date Oct. 29, 2019

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Class Code: L9DX9


Spelling Words

Oct. 7- Oct. 11, 2019 

Group A(short vowels before nd, ng, or nk)

went           wink          hunt

send            land          bank

and             junk          wind

print            stink         plant

blank           spent        blend

stand           drink         thank

trunk             want           think 
hand               pink         
Group B
nail                 glass              stay     
raise               grain                brave
play                clay                stand
slave               they             tray
may                gray             gain
taste               aid               say
shape              past             pray
day                 trade      





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